Collection: 100% Organic Soil Enhancer

This is a unique patented soil enhancer unlike any other in the market today.This is not a Super Absorber (SAP) or hydrogel,nor is it a hydrogel/solid mixture.

Its stores 30% of its own weight in water. Where for example Super Absorbents and hydrogel products have a higher water absorption capacity, they clump together into a homogenous structure after absorbing water locking it in, much like baby diapers do.

hemp cannabis soil

On the left 15gr of the soil enhancer in dry state on the right side the same amount but now with moisture added.

This soil enhancer has a sponge like structure with in dry state, a bead size of max. 6mm. The bead expands when water is absorbed without changing its structure.


Root growth from wheat on only quartz sand and our soil enhancer. Left with 0x watering and right side wit 1x watering

as a results the roots grow right into and even through this soil enhancer and accesses the most available moisture, something almost impossible with SAP's or (hydro)gel like products. The fine hair roots in particular will be able to penetrate the substrate to access the water and all the necessary available nutrients.

cannabis soil

Root penetration of watercress

What it does

  • Increases biomass between 10-50% over existing agro- and horticulture systems.
  • Increases crop yield between 10-30%
  • Reduces irrigation by up to 60%
  • Reduces labour input/ hours of irrigation
  • Reduces energy consumption (pumps)
  • Reduces the need for fertilizers in some cases by as much as 90%
  • Reduces excessive nitrate infiltration in the soil
  • Reduces use of groundwater & rate of salinization
  • Reduces amounts of biocides, pesticides and insecticides required
  • Ensures sustainable soil quality improvement
  • Greatly optimizes use of soils with low water retention capacity
  • Allows for agro-cultivation in extreme locations
  • Reduces crop failure rates by up to 80% under comparative conditions
  • Ensures  continued sustainable crop yield
  • Ensures continued sustainable quality

What are the main differences

This soil enhances has a very high resistance to salts and UV. Hydrogels lose their functionality and structural stability when exposed to these. When you would add nitrate and or fertilizer this will aggravate this problem in SAPs.

In contrast this soil enhancer shrinks inside its sponge structure by about 30% after direct nitrate and or fertilizer application. It then binds these substances chemically or physically directly where applied.

It slowly releases water and the bonded substances only when accessed by the roots of the plant, it ensures that no moisture is drained away (washed out) from the roots and oil. This soil enhancer will provide sustainable soil aeration by repetitive expansion and shrinkage as it absorbs water when irrigated, alternated with giving off water to the roots of the plant


Vineyard extension.On the left 90gr of our soil enhancer per vine- on the right only the regular nutrients and soil. Watered only once after planting with only natural precipitation after that.

Biodegradability of this soil enhancer

Over the course of 3 years, it is slowly degraded by the microorganisms in the soil. All that ultimately remains is the volcanic rock powder it once contained

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