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We are a leading manufacturer of bulk cannabinoid oil, isolates, and other derivatives. We provide a wide range of services to our clients that include testing and certification, bottles and bottling service, labels and labeling service, packages and packaging service and also drop shipping. We provide private and white labeling services for customers who do not have any manufacturing facility of their own. We can create unique and potent formulations of cannabinoids that can set you apart from the rest of your competitors.

We can help you obtain the necessary certification that you need to establish the potency and purity of your products. We have an extensive network of third-party independent testing laboratories that provide certification for the products that we develop.

We provide bottling and labeling services for our cannabinoid oils. Our standard sizes for bottles and bottling are 2ml, 5ml, 10ml and 30ml. Please let us know if your preferred size is not on this list. Build your own brand with us! We can provide you with custom labels in your preferred design, shape and dimensions. We also provide custom packaging and package the products for you. Benefit from our low MOQs and design your turnkey solution today!

Volume € / 10ml Bottle
100-199 €0.42
200+ €0.41
800+ €0.40


Volume € / Bottle
100-199 €1.00
200+ €0.90
800+ €0.80


Volume € / Bottle
100-199 €1.04
200+ €0.53
400+ €0.28
600+ €0.19
800+ €0.15
1600+ €0.08


Volume € / Bottle
100-199 €0.50
200+ €0.45
400+ €0.40
600+ €0.35
800+ €0.30



Volume € / Bottle
250 €1.36
500 €0.69
1000 €0.36
2000 €0.19
3000 €0.13
4000 €0.11
5000 €0.09
6000 €0.08
7000 €0.07
9000 €0.06


Volume € / Bottle
1-4999 €0.50
5000+ €0.45
9000+ €0.40 



We also provide drop shipping for our CBD oil and other products and send them directly to your customers. You can simply share your marketing material with us and we will include it in the package with your product.

Drop Shipping
Volume € / Box
Fixed €10

If you are looking for an innovative custom formulation of cannabinoids, then get in touch with us today. Our biotech sales engineers will gladly join a call and help you design your formulation. Choose from our wide range of services and diverse product profiles to customise your turnkey solution. Contact us today to create your own cannabinoid based product.

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Supplying our CBD solutions and oils all over the world, we take on all challenges our industry faces. As a white and private label manufacturer, we product high-quality solutions to be put on your shelves or on your site. Contact our support team by calling +31(0)186680670 or send an email to We are more than happy to design your next product for you with low MOQs.