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 Customized cannabinoid products  Newest innovations  High purity and quality is the commercial side of OptimaFormula and they have a very sophisticated supply line from different continents of the world. They have secured exclusive contracts with some of the largest medical cannabis companies in the world to ensure that these raw materials are available to all.

OptimaFormula supplies Cannabinoid specialist with exclusively raw materials, they are convinced it is the best way to connect with customers and a way to provide maximum transparency and security in raw material procurement. They know this from their own experience. With OptimaFormula we ensure that everyone has access to the products they need.

Discover the possibilities of cannabinoids
Supplying and sourcing our CBD solutions and oils all over the world, we take on all challenges our industry faces. As a white and private label manufacturer, we product high-quality solutions to be put on your shelves or on your site. Contact our support team by calling +31 186 680 670 or send an email to We are more than happy to design your next product for you with low MOQs.

We have high quality bottling in both brown or GMP blue glass or as you desire. We can design and print your packaging and deliver to you finished products.