Tetrahydrocannabivarin - THCV

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Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that provides anti-CB1 effects and is an antagonist of THC. It improves day time efficiency of individuals. It relieves stress and can reduce panic attacks and anxiety. It may play an important role in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. It is recommended for patients suffering from anorexia nervosa or cachexia. Are you ready to pack THCV isolate and send it to your customers? We are a leading supplier of THCV Oil and Isolates. We provide you with the perfect start to launch your THCV product line.

THCV has potential health benefits to offer to users. We provide THCV wholesale products of high quality in the form of THCV isolates. Call us to discuss your requirements and we will formulate it for you. Want to turn isolate into a finished product? We can manage the entire process for you and turn the THCV isolate into oil.

White Label THCV Services for Your Business
If you are dreaming of launching a THCV line, but do not have the proper infrastructure to research and produce new products, you can rely on our White Label services. Offer exclusive formulations and powerful products that set you apart from your competitors. Reach new market segments and provide more value to your customers with our own product line designed and manufactured by us. If you are looking for high quality THCV Distillate or have a custom order request, contact us today!

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Supplying our CBD solutions and oils all over the world, we take on all challenges our industry faces. As a white and private label manufacturer, we product high-quality solutions to be put on your shelves or on your site. Contact our support team by calling +31(0)186680670 or send an email to wholesale@cannabinoidexpert.com We are more than happy to design your next product for you with low MOQs.