About us

We are a leading manufacturer of bulk CBD oil, Isolates and other derivatives. We offer our clients a wide range of services which include testing & certification, bottling service, labeling & packaging service.

At CannabinoidExpert we strongly believe in the transparency and quality insurance that comes with third party laboratory tests. That's why we always ensure that all products we sell have been subjected to strict third party laboratory tests, different laboratory results can be found in the description of each product.

Who are we
We are a team of inspired believers in cannabis because we believe it's the most important medicine nature has to offer. Our passion for this plant goes back decades and has only been intensified through the years. This company was founded on the basis of his research and is still the fuel of growth today. A great friend of ours has used medicine produced by us and our suppliers to treat his brain tumor and still does.
What we do
Diseases like this where no viable medical option is offered by conventional pharmacology, that's why we started this company. We connect industry to collaboratively develop new methods of treatment based on cannabinoids. We bring together knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to produce innovative products of the highest purity and quality in accordance with medical standards. We supply these products all over the world, despite the legal challenges this industry still faces while crossing borders.
Our goal
We are here to establish the medical cannabinoid industry as an alternative to traditional pharmacology to cure diseases, not to manage symptoms.

Our vision
A status quo in which your medical physicist can give you a choice between a natural medicine and a medicinal one.
Core values

Transparency - We have all of our prices online, if you have any questions about our products, don't hesitate to ask.

Innovation - We constantly introduce new products to the market

Freedom - We believe in independent third parties to test our products

Learn How - We support ongoing research to improve yours and our understanding of cannabinoids

Discover the possibilities of cannabinoids
Supplying our CBD solutions and oils all over the world, we take on all challenges our industry faces. As a white and private label manufacturer, we product high-quality solutions to be put on your shelves or on your site. Contact our support team by calling +31(0)186680670 or send an email to wholesale@cannabinoidexpert.com We are more than happy to design your next product for you with low MOQs.