Cannabidiol Water Soluble Isolate - 10% CBD

Cannabidiol Water Soluble Isolate - 10% CBD

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This water-soluble CBD isolate consists of 10% CBD and has been extracted using CO2 and ethanol. The isolates appear as a powder in their purest form. CBD isolate readily dissolves in water but doesn’t homogenise in an even manner. It is also oil-soluble in its purest form.  

Water soluble CBD isolate is a perfect way for infusing beverages with CBD. Purity helps in preserving the integrity of the final product while imparting the benefits of CBD. Our isolate can be used to create CBD water, coffee, infused tea and a lot more.  

Benefits of using a water-soluble isolate 

  • Quicker onset

Isolates get rapidly absorbed into the body. These take less time to activate in the body in comparison to oil-based CBD forms. 

  • Versatile use 

Advancements in technology have made it possible to mix cannabis molecules in beverages and water-based drinks. 

  • Promises better value

Based on the method chosen to develop, the bioavailability of CBD isolate is much more in comparison to oils and other forms. This ensures a user to derive more value from the price per dosage. 

Leading bulk manufacturer of water-soluble isolates 

We provide wholesale water-soluble isolates of high quality for our customers. You can use it to formulate a myriad of CBD-infused products such as beverages. You can rely on us to develop unique products and bottle and label them for you. We are a private and white label manufacturer with years of experience. 

We also take care of testing, certification and drop shipping. Contact us today to place an order for water-soluble CBD isolate customisation.  

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