Cannabinol Full Spectrum Distillate Oil - 2.5% CBN

Cannabinol Full Spectrum Distillate Oil - 2.5% CBN

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CBN full spectrum Oil

CBN is considered mild psychoactive with strong sedative properties. When the cannabinoid THC is being oxidised the degradation process converts THC to CBN, this is probably also why aged cannabis often carries a sedative effect.

CBN is a by product of THC is therefore mostly found in small amounts in most cannabis strains.

This CBN full spectrum distillate oil consists of 5% CBN and 4% CBD. Full-spectrum oil consists of all the cannabinoids and plant matter present in the whole hemp plant. A distillate is a refined cannabis extract from the cannabis plant which contains the broadest spectrum of cannabinoids in its purest form. It mainly comprises CBN and CBD but also CBG, CBDV, THCV and we always make sure the THC content is below 0.2%.  

Benefits of using full spectrum distillate oil 

Full-spectrum CBN is extracted from the cannabis plant with all the cannabinoids and plant compounds. The distillate we use in our oils has undergone a winterisation and a short path distillation process in order to preserve only the cannabinoids and some terpenes. This is the most refined purest full spectrum extract where synergies between the individual cannabinoids work best. It is very potent and therefore ideal as raw material for your products. 

Full-spectrum CBN oil is free from chemicals and pesticides. It is all-natural and makes a great nutritional supplement. It is beneficial in natural pain-relief treatment. It alleviates chronic pain, inflammation, analgesic, sedative. 

Find below some other properties of CBN some which also need a combination with other cannabinoids.

  • Mild psychoactive
  • Analgesic
  • Sedative
  • TRPA1 agonists and desensitizers
  • Anti bacterial
  • Sleep proviking 
  • Reducing anxiety 

Private and white label manufacturer 

If you are keen on starting your own brand of full-spectrum CBN, then rely on us for your needs. Share your requirements and we will formulate the product for you. We also take care of bottling, labeling, and packaging. We also manage third party testing for getting a Certificate of Analysis for each product that we formulate for our clients.

If you desire CBN based products then please also have a look at our custom formulation service. The additional services we offer in combination with the Full spectrum hemp oil are:

  Final Cannabinoid Composition
  CBD 2.50%
  CBG 0.03%
  THCV 0.06%
  CBDV 0.26%
  CBC 0.00%
  CBN 2.50%
  THC 0.00%
  Total CC 5.35%



Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Estimated time of Delivery: 12-14 Business Days